Philip Rink Jr.


CTC screens

Johns Hopkins Hospital
Comprehensive Transplant Center

The challenge was incorporating large amounts of information, meant for doctors, patients, and managed care organizations, for five different organ programs, as well as the shared areas of the site, and still make it organized and easy to navigate. Several levels of navigation aids and lots of internal links make it work.

YMP screens

Commonwealth Fund/JHH
Youth Mentoring Program

The Youth Mentoring Program pairs at-risk high school students with professionals in hospitals around the country. The site had to serve the needs of the mentors and the administrators of the program, but also have "fun spaces" for the students in the program. I designed a site with a double identity. First-time visitors would see some introductory material, but after that, mentors could bookmark their resources, and students had their own separate, more participatory area of the site.

Ripken news release screens

Multimedia News Release
Johns Hopkins OCPA

This is a multi-part news release, with extra material such as biographies and Q & A, linked to high-resolution photographs suitable for reproduction, and sound clips. While I was with OCPA, we tried to develop news releases that would serve all formats of media. Distributing multimedia content for professional purposes as well as entertainment will be an increasingly important use of the Web.

Outreach screens

Outreach Newsletter

Part of the CTC site, the newletter sticks close to its printed format, with a "shell" and sections for news from the various organ services. Templates allow a new issue's content to be formatted quickly, and a cumulative index lets the site serve as a convenient archive of all the newsleter's issues.

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